A new blog, a new life.

I started a blog a couple of years ago.

It was all about me complaining about my life while trying to decipher all the madness of it. I told some of the sad stories from my life so far. I lamented all of the false starts, all of the “mistakes,” all the ways in which I was just stuck and didn’t know what else to do. I complained to no end about my husband and my mother, spending hours upon hours recounting our fights. It was an absolute hell festival with no end in sight. I oscillated between righteous anger and defeated sadness. No solutions, no real ideas, just crying and bitching. Sometimes it seemed so pointless, such a waste of time.

But slowly, a complete picture began to emerge from that catharsis….. one that showed my silly life for what it was. One that could have given me direction to fix it. Instead, I got tired. I quit writing it and tried to forget what I had found out. I deleted it, because it was too much at the time. It was still easier to pretend, to pave over.

Well, shit. I suppose you could say that I’m ready to see it now.

I have vowed to avoid the same pitfalls of endlessly recounting sad stories. This blog is going to be about where I’m going now.

So begins a new blog and a new chapter in my life.


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